Editorial Team at SlotsForMoney.com

SlotsForMoney.com is created and maintained by real slots fans from around the world. Here are the key members of the team and a little about their background:

Name: Mike Brown
Position: Webmaster and Editor

Mike was born in New York, USA and graduated in Business Studies from the New York University (NYU Stern School of Business). After stints working in the City of New York and Hong Kong, Mike found that his real passion was creating websites. SlotsForMoney.com came about due to the proliferation of poor quality information and cookie-cutter reviews available online.

“It was easy to see that the people reviewing these games had no interest in the games and were mostly just churning out the same old lines for each game. What I have tried to achieve here at SlotsForMoney.com is to bring some genuine passion and understanding of the questions slots fans have about the games into the site. I hope that this will come across well in the material here, and look forward to hearing feedback from genuine slots fans everywhere.”

When out of the office Mike is a keen soccer player, and lists his favorite food as Sushi.

Name: Toby Mitchell
Position: Writer

Toby is a full time writer who specializes in slots and sports betting. He is currently based in Vancouver, Canada – though was born in Calgary. Toby has worked in many positions in his life ranging from assistant in a real estate agency, through to full-time online poker grinder. The advances in slots technology attracted him back to this area after focusing his writing on sports including NBA and NHL for several years.

“Many people associate slots with 3 reel games where you just mindlessly wait for the bar-symbols to line up. Nowadays, slots have become extremely entertaining, with movie tie-ins, bonus feature games and all kinds of different behaviors on the reels themselves. If you have not looked into online slots for a while then my reviews will help you find your way through this complex area.”

Toby enjoys travelling, socializing and is hard to stop talking once the subject turns to the Leafs.

Name: Suzie Adams
Position: Part-time Writer

Suzie lives in London and is mother of 2 who writes part-time. A keen bingo and slots fan, writing about this genre comes naturally to her, allowing creative expression and a quiet break away from her children.

“I have written about many subjects from dating though to blogging for money, I always end up coming back to slots though, these games give you the chance of a massive win, which you might need to keep up with the house prices around here. My favorites are the less busy slots, I prefer playing them to unwind and not have to click buttons and make decisions every ten seconds.”

When not writing Suzie likes to spend time tracing her complex family tree.

Name: Geoff Morgan
Position: Part-time writer

Geoff lives in Portland, Oregon and works full time in a logistics company. When not working he loves to play live poker games, and is a proven winner at up to $2 / $5. Writing is a sideline, and something which Geoff does to unwind. The legal situation in the US is something he is painfully aware of:

“When I see the innovations in slots gaming which are happening internationally, and compare them with the RTG games which is what most Americans know about, the gap is becoming wider and wider. Unless someone gives legislation a turbo charge soon, we are going to be left so far behind that catching up will be impossible. BetSoft are making a difference, though the best slots are coming from IGT and PlayTech, with their movie and TV tie-ins and serious budgets for innovation.”

Geoff believes that online poker in the US is already a lost cause, and lists ‘hitting Vegas’ among his favorite hobbies.

Name: Simon Turner
Position: Part-time Writer

Simon started his working life as an assistant in an electronics shop in Glasgow, Scotland. He has always enjoyed a gamble, betting on soccer matches from an early age and becoming good enough at it to make regular profit from the Betting Exchanges. Slots are a side-line, and something Simon enjoys writing about and researching. His particular passion is uncovering scams and the people behind them:

“So much of the casino industry is regulated, clean and reputable – it drives me crazy that a small percentage of people are able to give the whole industry such a bad name. I love the new mobile slots and think that will be the driving force for the next few years, people can dip in and dip out whenever they feel like it, which is much less of a commitment than downloading software onto your computer.”

When Simon is not writing he enjoys reading science-fiction and following his beloved Rangers.