Atari Launches Social Casino Games

Atari CasinoAtari is attempting to bounce back from bankruptcy issues by diving head first into real-money casino gaming online. Atari has looked at the online gaming industry and seen how much operators make and they want a piece of it.

The result is that the one time iconic video game company will be releasing a new casino-style gaming platform dubbed “Atari Casino”, which has been launched in partnership with Pariplay, a leading gaming software provider, and will be distributed across a variety of platforms.

With Atari Casino, we have taken our beloved brands and created a new and innovative way for our fans to experience our classic games,” Atari CEO Fred Chesnais said in a press release.

Pariplay is a subsidiary of GMS Entertainment, which has already entered the self-service video lottery market in a partnership with Intralot. Its lottery terminals were launched in Idaho with plans to roll them out across the country.

The CEO of Isle of Man-based Pariplay Gili Lisani said “Atari was a pioneer in the interactive entertainment space, having built tremendous brand equity through [its] rich suite of beloved brands.”

The Atari Casino will be featuring games from the brand’s portfolio of globally recognizable brands, including Atari classics such as Asteroids, Star Raiders, Centipede, Paperboy, Pong, Test Drive and Missile Command among others. They will be adapted into casino-styles games, including slots, scratchers, Keno and a variety of other fun to play games with real-money wagers.

An Asteroids scratcher will allow players to blast asteroids out of the sky. The Star Raiders slot game has 25 pay lines that can be upgraded to 243 lines on Free Play Battle Mode. Players will be able to enjoy an intergalactic slot experience. The game includes galaxy-related icons such as flying space crafts and lasers.

All the games will also be made available on the Pariplay network allowing operators that have existing deals with the company to also run these Atari gaming classics that have been given a new lease of life in a real-money gaming environment.

The new Atari Casino has also formed a partnership with FlowPlay to enter the social casino gaming sector, which further supports the broader vision of the company to expand its offerings beyond the gaming market.

Atari will no doubt be hoping their foray into social casino gaming will be more successful than the release of the Atari Jaguar game console, which was a commercial flop that at the time was competing with consoles like the Sega Saturn and Sony Playstation among others.

This time around, however, Atari will be utilizing its partners expertise of the gaming industry and back-end infrastructure to position itself as one of the leading social casino game providers.

In addition to the social casino app that will be launched on Facebook there will also be a mobile app to reach even more users. It will have a similar feel to FlowPlay’s Vegas World, a multi-player online role-playing game, but with the iconic Atari games.

Atari Casino is set to launch its nostalgic collection of casino-style games at the end of fall of this year. It will be interesting to see how receptive Atari’s casino games will be with fans of the old Atari classics. It goes without saying that Atari is banking on the fact that its loyal gaming fan base will be interested in real-money casino games.

In other news, Atari is also bringing back two horror game franchises, Haunted House and Alone in the Dark, to be released in the fall on Steam. Both games will be re-mastered and are already available for pre-order.