Online Gambling Advertisements to Be Restricted in Spain

Spain National FlagWhen operating an online casino or gambling site, promotional materials are needed. From television advertisements to radio spots and online ads, operators must promote their brand. To be successful, a top operator always pushes the brand with marketing materials. By marketing the casino gaming services offered, an operator will see steady streams of traffic to the online gaming site. It is imperative to have a strong marketing plan to bring in players as well as spread the word about the online casino gaming site.

In Spain, online gambling opportunities have opened up with licensing opportunities now available to operators in the country. When a new company begins to offer online casino gaming in Spain, marketing and promotion will be essential to gain an audience quickly. However, local authorities in Spain want to restrict the advertisements from such operators. Lawmakers in Spain has filed a proposal that will place strict limits on advertisements related to gambling including sponsors of local sports teams.

One of the best ways to promote a gambling site is with sports teams. In the UK, it is not uncommon to see a sports team sporting the logo of a top casino or sports betting site. In Spain however, this will not be the case. Many are wondering why Spain officials want to crack down on the amount of advertising allowed when companies were just allowed to begin offering such activities.

It appears as though many senate members of Spain are worried about responsible gaming, including under age gaming. Members of the senate want to reduce the impact that online gambling could have towards young people by limiting the amount of advertising allowed. This seems to be the only way officials feel as though teens will not be affected by the new activity allowed in the area.

Currently, advertisements of gambling services and products are not regulated by the government, but officials are trying to change that. Lawmakers want to restrict the advertisements that would mainly be placed on television and mobile devices. Any advertisements with a direction towards underage youths will be banned completely, if the bill is passed into law.

Such operators as 888 and bwin will be affected if the bill is passed into law involving advertising. DLA Piper Gaming Lawyer, Paula Gonzalez de Castejon stated that the chances some of the amendments towards online gaming not being passed is pretty high. Even if only a few of the changes are put in play, the gaming operators of Spain will be affected. Sports partnerships will also be lost if the bill is placed into law as marketing potential will not be possible in most avenues of advertisements.

The debate currently taking place in Spain is one that is quite familiar around the world. Responsible gaming is a subject that is commonly discussed and one that is quite serious. Operators have a responsibility to their customers to provide a safe gaming environment that is not harmful to gamblers. Most companies provide securities to keep underage individuals from accessing the gaming options as well as providing outlets for assistance to those who may be in need of help with a gambling problem.

Operators and legislators must work together to come to an understanding and provide the essential tools and securities to keep players safe. The Spanish lawmakers have good intentions and operators will have to abide by the new rules if the bill is passed into law. Only time will tell if operators in Spain will be able to continue with quality advertising or be stifled by the new regulations of the bill.