Online Gambling Sites in UK Safe From Adult Material Ban

Online Gambling in UKAcross the globe, government officials work hard to keep residents safe, including adults as well as children. Laws and restrictions are put in place to reach a certain moral code so every person who lives in the country can enjoy a quality way of life. In regards to children, there are laws in place around the world that help children to be safe and grow up in a stable and comfortable environment. Since the invention of the Internet, governments have had to work harder to protect children, especially when it comes to adult material.

Online gambling websites such as casinos are not considered ‘adult material’ per say but are restricted to a certain age group, children not included. Adult material mainly consists of pornographic images or videos that would be harmful to a child. In the gambling industry of the United Kingdom, players were worried that a new law change would affect having access to online gambling sites.

Back in 2013, the Prime Minister of the UK, David Cameron, stated that he was planning on forcing new internet connections to choose to view adult themed material. Users who wanted access to such content would have to be given permission by their Internet Service Provider by asking for a removal of the content block. The Prime Minister was worried about pornography online and how it could corrupt a child during their formative years.

To combat the issue, the Prime Minister wanted to create the blockage to help with such matters. Last month, gamblers and operators were worried that once this was put into effect, the online casino and gambling sites would be lumped into the adult material filters. The porn filters could see the sites blocked by ISPs if they fall under specific categories. This could include violent content, racially content or pornography.

Now most online poker, casino, bingo and overall gambling sites do not have any of these factors but with the filters coming in January, players were worried that their favorite sites would be included. The non-threatening gambling sites could be affected and players would be at a loss as to where to play their favorite games such as blackjack or poker.

According to the Open Rights Group, the research that took place in 2013 found that more than fifty registered charities were blocked by the filters while other websites were blocked due to the word ‘sex’ which included Essex and Sussex. We have now learned that the filters are up and there should be no issue with online gambling sites. According to an article at OnlineCasinoReports, UK Internet providers have confirmed that online casinos and other gambling sites will not be affected.

Both TalkTalk and Sky, Internet providers in the UK, have stated that the new mandated filtering process does not block the sites and if customers have an issue, they can easily lift the block through their provider. Customers have the option of an opt-out filtering system for new customers while existing customers will see a pop-up alert when an adult content website is accessed. The filter has reportedly been a non-issue with the majority of the TalkTalk customers with BT and Virgin Media having not commented on the online content changes.

While the Internet providers state the blocks will not be a problem, it will be interesting to see over the coming months how game play is affected. Will players have to deal with removing the ban completely to be able to visit their favorite sites? Or will players will be able to go about their regular gaming as normally without any issue?