Game of Thrones Slot Preview Released by Microgaming

Game of Thrones SlotFans of Game of Thrones and the book series that it is adapted from will be pleased to know that Microgaming, a world-leading slot game developer, has released a video preview of their soon-to-be launched video slot Game of Thrones that is closely based on the HBO television series. The epic Game of Thrones Slot game is expected to be released in December just in time for Christmas. A preview of the game can be seen on Microgaming’s official YouTube channel.

The HBO and Microgaming partnership made a lot of sense, as the show has a huge fan base online. For those who have been living in a cave, Game of Thrones is an American fantasy television series. The show is based around seven noble families fighting for control of Westeros and the Iron Throne. After its fourth season, it actually became the all-time most popular HBO TV series surpassing The Sopranos with an average total viewership an astonishing 18 million.

Microgaming CEO Roger Raatgever made the comment that: “Game of Thrones [is] a highly relevant and extremely popular show. We plan on taking all of the features of the small screen fantasy epic to create a masterpiece of a slot.”

It should go without saying that due to the popularity of this fantasy TV series this will very likely be Microgaming’s biggest launch of 2014, and faithful players of Microgaming slots are eagerly awaiting the release of Game of Thrones. Earlier in the year, Microgaming’s headline titles were based on blockbuster movies and included Terminator 2 and Jurassic Park. Clearly, this formula is working.

Microgaming had the big task of developing an online slot that keeps up with the reputation that HBO’s Game of Thrones television series has already laid down, and judging by the looks of the Game of Thrones slot preview they have done exactly that. As is expected when playing Microgaming’s video slots, the audio and visual effects of their latest game embody the latest that online casino technology has to offer and keeps plays wanting to come back for more. The sound track for Game of Thrones online slot game matches the theme music of the show.

With Game of Thrones you’ll have 243 ways to win because there are no restrictions on where the symbols are placed on each reel. More and more of these blockbuster games are making use of this new payline format since they’ve proven to be very popular with modern online slots players. With that being said, players can choose to play Game of Thrones using 15 paylines in the more typical 5 reel version of the game, although it’s not yet known whether this version of the game will have a different payout table.

It has all the essential features that you’ve come to expect with stellar video slots games by Microgaming, including free spins, wilds, scatters and multiple bonus rounds. Options in the game include free spins features that have bonus multipliers that can really add up to a sizeable win! There is also an intertwined storyline that is told within the game’s features.

To get a better feel for the slot you can check out a preview of the forthcoming Game of Thrones video slot release here: httpss://

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