MX Digital Launches Social Casino Gaming App on Facebook

MX DigitalThe social casino gaming sector has a new player. MX Digital, the Los Angeles-based developer and distributor of Hollywood and celebrity branded online casino games, has announced the launch of free-to-play digital slots games on facebook today.

This is in partnership with Gibraltar-based Traffic Generation (TraffGen) who will be providing data and analytics solutions for the newly launched social casino gaming platform. Ike McFadden, Commercial Director of MX Digital said, “TraffGen is a perfect partner. They offer a variety of marketing and technology services to their clients in social, online waged, and land-based casino industries.”

MX Digital’s chief financial officer, Ted Lanes, made mention of the fact that his company’s expansion into real-money casino gaming coupled with their great branded game collection, provided the incentive to pursue social gaming more seriously as an extension of their business.

The social casino gaming market is a multi-billion dollar industry and expected to grow. It will potentially be a $7 billion industry in the next two years. MX Digital will no doubt be hoping to ride on the success of other leading social gaming providers, including IGT’s DoubleDown Casino, Caesars Interactive Entertainment, Zynga and Big Fish Games. According to Eilers Research, Caesar’s currently has the biggest market share, with Slotomania its flagship social casino game.

MX Digital has developed all of its casino games in-house across a range of categories, including fixed odds games, instant win games and branded slots games among others. Some of their well known slots feature celebrities such as Hulk Hogan, David Hasselhoff, Dennis Rodman and Chuck Norris. The latest addition to MX Digital’s catalog of games is The Blues Brothers.

The migration of MX Casino branded slots to the social casino gaming space seems like a natural course of action as many social casino players are looking to deal with trusted and well recognized brands. The ongoing goal of MX Digital is to create games around big Hollywood and celebrity brands that fans are most engaged with all while generating a recurring revenue stream.

The Hoff, Hulk Hogan and Dennis Rodman have all taken to Twitter and Facebook to promote the launch of the new MX Digital Facebook Slot Casino. Their large social media fan bases will help raise awareness about MX Digital’s social casino platform. Hulk Hogan’s twitter account has more than a million followers and “The Hulk” has more than 3 million fans on his facebook page. And is if that wasn’t enough, Hulk Hogan’s status update on facebook to promote the launch in the last 24 hours has already been shared more than 100 times.

This type of social media exposure would be invaluable and in big contrast to the promotional efforts of traditional social casinos, which have had to rely on facebook advertising and other non-viral promotional campaigns to drive player acquisition. By leveraging these international social media brands on facebook, fans don’t even need to leave the site to play the range of exciting branded slots games from MX Digital.

Also, last month, MX Digital struck an agreement with William Hill to supply six of their branded slots games, the company’s biggest deal to date. It’s hoped that their social casino gaming platform will drive players to their real-money casino games.

More information about MX Digital can be found at and if you have a facebook account, you might want to jump straight into MX Casino’s social casino app by visiting httpss:// to find out what all the hype is about.