UK Gamblers Lose Access to Casino Midas Online Casino

Casino MidasGamblers around the world have access to online casino gaming and take part in enjoying their favorite games on a regular basis. Based on where you live, you will find that you have access to different types of gaming sites if online casino gaming is regulated in your area. Online casinos must take care to provide a quality environment, with solid game play, safe and secure software as well as continue to offer the best games in the industry.

When online casinos do not follow regulations or find they cannot keep player traffic, the site will shut down. Every now and then a casino must shut down and players are left to collect their winnings and find a new casino home. Just recently, online gaming site, Casino Midas, announced that they were shutting down immediately.

The UK Gambling Commission announced on the 1st of November last year that licensing changes were to be implemented by the online casinos in the EU. Several casinos began to shut down after this announcement and Casino Midas seems to be the latest casualty. The site has now shut down quickly without warning to UK players who were members of the site.

When you visit the Casino Midas website, you will find a message of apology which is set on a white background with black writing. The site states that providers of online payment processing contacted the online casino in December of 204 and stated that potential issues could arise. The casino was apparently notified that the policy changes in the UK could result in payment systems shutting down that were normally used by online gaming sites.

According to reports, Casino Midas tried to stay open for the remaining weeks of 2014 and once 2015 arrived, the site would no longer be able to provide payment processing for players located in the UK. The company seemed to have a seven day warning before they would no longer be able to provide gaming for UK members. Based on the payment issues, the management team of Casino Midas had to stop providing services in the UK or the company would have been conflicting with the legislation created by the UK Gambling Commission. On January 12th, the site officially stopped taking deposits and bets. Players of the site were asked to contact support to then withdraw any funds that remain in their online gaming account at Casino Midas.

This is not the first time that payment processing has affect players having the opportunity to take advantage of online casino gaming. Many times regulation changes have forced sites to stop providing gaming options in a specific area or country based on the laws of the land. Even major sites such as PokerStars have had to cease operations to not be liable for breaking new legislation.

Before the UK Gambling Commission made the legislation changes, online gaming operators who owned smaller sites were able to operate in the UK with licensing from foreign areas. Once the changes were put in place last fall, many smaller sites were then forced to leave the market. Casino Midas now falls victim of this and is just one less site that players in the UK have access to.

The Casino Midas site is still open to other areas of the world, but UK members will no longer be able to take part. It will be interesting to see if in the coming weeks, additional online casino sites decide to stop offering services based on the same reasoning as Casino Midas. Only time will tell if other sites will be subject to closure due to the legislation changes.