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Mobile devices today are more powerful than the desktop computers of just 5 years ago. Casinos are making the most of this ever-improving technology, by offering their slots games for mobile devices. This is a complex area, with a mix of device software and different ways of delivering the games. The ideal solution for you will depend on which mobile devices you own and whether you are located in the US or outside of it.

This guide will give you an overview of your options when it comes to mobile slots play. First of all, the different technology which powers these games is explained, including some pros and cons for each. After that I have summarized the options for specific groups of devices, including iPhones, iPads, Android phones / tablets and Windows mobile devices.

Mobile Slots Technology

There are quite a lot of different software types powering mobile slot games. What you will find in general is that casinos have favored responsive browser games. These are slots which work in your internet browser window. The ‘responsive’ tag is used because they adapt to your screen size and to whether or not your device has touch-screen controls.

The main software which these browser games work on is Flash. This has been powering casino games for many years, though recent innovations make today’s Flash games unrecognizable from those early games. Flash is now stable, able to support video quality games and works on a wide variety of mobile devices – making it ideal for slots gamers. The one issue with Flash is that Apple devices do not support this system. You can get around this lack of support with 3rd party plug-ins, which work on Mac computers and on iPads. iPhones are harder to get Flash games working on, making it worth seeking an alternative instead.

HTML5 and Java are the main alternatives to Flash when it comes to mobile slots games. Many casinos use these together with Flash to ensure cross-device compatibility. More and more casinos are providing games in HTML5, which is an open-source technology built on top of the original HTML specs.

Native Apps are the other main alternatives. The ‘native’ comes from the fact that these are built using the API for Apple or Android – the code is native to those devices which use these operating systems. Many first time casino slots players are surprised by the lack of apps available, relative to the amount of games offered in responsive browser format. This decision from the casinos makes sense when you consider how fast devices are changing. Their investment in browser technology means that they can get the maximum penetration of games across as many devices as possible.

When casinos do offer iPad, iPhone or Android Apps, these generally only have a small number of games – with around 30 being typical. The advantage of downloading these is that they will be optimized for your operating system and device size. There are no issues with the adaption for smaller screens being badly executed.

Mobile Slots on Different Devices

Mobile slots work differently depending on which device you own. Here is an overview of the most common mobile devices:

iPhone Slots: This is the trickiest device to find slots casinos on, particularly for US based players. The lack of Flash support and relative lack of native Apps means that you need to find HTML5 games which have been adapted to the smaller screen size. Many of the larger brand international casinos do support this, though the choices are limited to a small sub-set of BetSoft slot titles for US players. You can find dedicated iPhone slot Apps, which contain a smaller selection of around 30 titles, at some international casinos.

iPad Slots: You can get a browser with the 3rd party plug-ins needed to support Flash games with iPads. You will not necessarily need to do this, as the bigger screen size allows you to play more of the HTML5 games. Again there are specific Apps available for iPad slots, these are offered by the larger international casino and contain only a small selection of slot games.

Android Slots: Users of Android devices, both smartphones and tablets, have the biggest selection of mobile slots to choose from. Flash, HTML5 and Java are all supported. I recommend that you test out games if you are working with a small size (phone) screen. You will find that some casinos have done a better job of making the games work on small screens than others. If you prefer to go down the App download route, then you can find native Android apps too. These have a smaller selection of games compared with what you’ll be able to access through your browser.

Windows Mobile Slots: Apps are rare for Windows devices, so you’ll be relying on in-browser responsive games. Fortunately, Flash is supported along with HTML5 and Java – giving you a wide choice of titles.